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Interactive Video Software

Video Quality: 

  • 4K video

  • ad-free video hosting

  • no player branding


Interactive Video Software:

  • add-to-cart Buttons

  • email capturing

  • video content navigation


The Benefit: you will Increase

  • your conversion rate

  • your sales figures

  • you will generate more leads

Video Shopping! Make your Videos Clickable!
Interactive Videos Create a Real-Life Shopping Experience at your Online Store!

Interactive Video Shopping - 4K
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Interactive video improves the performance of your video content.

Interactive videos engage viewers by creating a real-life shopping experience. The option to interact with the video will change the dynamic of the entire video.  Your customer can now select the most relevant video content and be led to the product with the highest odds of a purchase.

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Why Interactive Video?


Higher conversion rate!

A linear video is an excellent marketing tool to boost your conversion rate, but interactive videos perform even better. Interactive videos direct your customer to the product she or he intends to buy and interaction tools make it simple to add the product to the cart.


Longer attention span!

The interaction with your video will grab the viewer's attention and eliminate the interest in distraction. The viewer's eyes stay longer focused on the screen and the attention span will increase. The increase of 100% is based on an average attention span of 8-12 seconds


Longer view duration!

Interactive videos are engaging and allow your audience to decide on the content or style of the content, like a short presentation or an explanation in depth. Therefore the video stays interesting for a longer period of time.


Better brand recognition!

A memorable viewing experience leads to increased brand recognition.

Interactive video a significant shift in video marketing!

Marketing Analysis:

Video is by far the best marketing tool available today. A video delivers your message fast and direct to your prospective customers.

Text columns on your website are still very important for search engine optimization and also interesting to read but anyhow today’s consumers are used to gathering information fast through video and only a small share of your website visitors are willing to read a long text column. In fact, the average customer is actually hoping or even expecting to find videos on your website. 

All in all and with certainty, we can say that video marketing is the best option to market your products or services: and Interactive video takes video marketing to the next level.

Types of marketing videos and how can you get started.