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Video Tutorials:

How to make videos Interactive! 

Interactive video is far more advanced than the ordinary play and pause technology of linear video.

Viewers can navigate through the content to the product they intend to buy and add the item directly to the shopping cart.

There is a large variety of video interaction layers available like; call-to-action buttons, in-stream email capturing, and interactive coupons.

The Interface

In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about the interface of this interactive video software.

The video interaction tools

In this video, you will learn about the video interaction tools available to you. 

How to make money online with interactive video shopping!

In this article, you will learn which video interaction tool to use to create the interactive buttons you need to achieve your marketing goals.

Learn more about video marketing. 

interactive video shop tool - popup
interactive video shop tool - email
interactive video shop tool - Button
interactive video shop tool-Dynamic Text
interactive video shop tool - custom HTML
interactive video shop tool - Hot Spot
interactive video shop tool - Images
hand3D video shopping discount.png
 Video Interaction Tools 

1. Increase your sales figures! 

Place add-to-cart buttons in your videos.

Use interactive images, custom HTML buttons or create in your video editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, a button and make the relevant part of the video screen interactive with a hotspot.

Interactive video add-to-cart buttons

add-to-cart button / video interaction tool: image


add-to-cart button / video interaction tool: hotspot

Hot Spot.jpg

2. Increase the view duration of your videos!

An impressive video presentation increases the odds of a purchase. But, even the best video doesn't help if your customer can't find the relevant content, and viewers don't take advantage of video chapters as video performance reports have shown. The solution is in-stream content navigation. 

A: Place interactive buttons in your video allowing viewers to skip less interesting products. I can't stress enough how important that simple button is. Customers will stop watching if the content isn’t right for them. So do yourself the favor and take advantage of this button.

Interactive video content control.jpg

button for content navigation / video interaction tool: button

interactive video button.jpg

B: interactive image to navigate to a different video. 

video chapter control.jpg

multiple choice button for content navigation / video interaction tool: hotspot or image

Hot Spot.jpg
Icon Images.jpg

C: Create in your nonlinear video editing software a split screen edit and make the relevant part of the frame here interactive by using the interaction tool Hotspot.

video content navigation tool.jpg

multiple choice button for content navigation

video interaction tool: hotspot

Hot Spot.jpg

3. Interactive over-layer for email capturing in-stream.

You can achieve that goal by incorporating an interactive over-layer for email capturing in your videos. Customers get a better understanding of your products while watching a video and that is the best moment to ask for their email or to subscribe.

Interactive video over-layer for email capturing..jpg

Interactive video tool: email capturing 

Icon over-layer for email capturing.jpg

4. Encourage customers to return to your website! 

The best option to encourage customers to return is a discount. 

Therefore place interactive pop-ups with a coupon code in your video stream.

interactive video pop-up.jpg

Interactive video coupons pop-up

icon of interactive video tool pop-up.jpg

5. Build better customer relationships!

The dynamic text tool allows you to create personalized video messages.

interactive video - dynamic text.jpg

Video interaction tool dynamic text

Dynamic Text for Video.jpg
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