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Terms & Definitions of Terms

This Service is provided by “Interactive Video Hosting OTT”. 

Contact: +1 347 699 0040

Interactive Video Hosting OTT's new launch provides companies and individuals with the service of interactive video hosting on a subscription basis. The platform language is English. The language for all legal documentation(s) and correspondence is also English.

Subscribing Membership;
Upon becoming a member “Interactive Video Hosting OTT” will issue the customers credentials to enter the video hosting desktop platform.  This may take 24 hours on business days depending on the time zone the member is in.

Membership / Subscription period; 
“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” offers a paid membership subscription in exchange for access to the interactive video software / video editing suite and the service of video hosting with video interaction tools.

Monthly Video Hosting Service Fees;

“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” offers a ‘month to month’ membership subscription and an annual membership subscription.

The fees for the service of video hosting:

A) “month-to-month membership subscription” 

The price per month is € 49.00


B) “annual membership subscription ” 

The price per year is € 450.00


Both membership subscriptions allow customers to create and manage up to 20 video projects. 

C) Service Package: simply upload your content and we make your videos interactive. € 149.00

This is an additional service package valid for one video project with a maximum of 8 chapter clips and a maximum of 12 video interaction tools. 

Video Hosting Service Terms / Conditions.
“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” grants each member a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-refundable access to use the Video Hosting Platform, in accordance with and by the terms of each membership plan.
Includes;  Video uploads, Video Editing (according to the terminology). Video Streaming on websites and in social media feeds.
The video hosting platform will generate an embed code (iFrame) and a URL to share videos on social media platforms. 
Videos can be embedded on multiple websites.
“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” will not place any ads or logos in your video stream.
Note; The share Page is branded with an “Interactive Video Hosting OTT” logo.
The player supports 16x9 video in 720p 1080p and 2160p 
File format: MP4
“Interactive Video Hosting  OTT” shall provide video editing services (according to the Terminology). 
Service package: “You just upload and we make it in the interactive” 
Customers shall use the order form at the member's page: desktop.
Platform email not offered
Added Fees:  Additional fees shall apply for video editing.
Members shall pay special attention while filling out the order form. Making videos interactive is time-consuming. 
“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” does not guarantee completion by any deadline.

“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” shall provide creative services with care and reasonable skill. “Interactive Video Hosting OTT”  warrants and represents that it maintains full rights and authority to enter into this Agreement.  That it maintains all license permits, approvals, and clearance of third party rights as required by the Laws and as are necessary to perform its obligations and grant the relevant rights under this agreement.

The “Video Suite Platform” and the Services of “Interactive Video Hosting OTT” will to the best of its knowledge contain or display any content that infringes on the statutory, common law or intellectual property rights of any third party.

“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” does not warrant that the functionality of the “Video Suite Platform” or Services will be uninterrupted or error-free and is not responsible for any delays, delivery failures, or any other loss or damage resulting from the transfer of data over communications networks and facilities, including the internet, and the customer acknowledges that the Platform and Services are dependent on various third party networks, platforms, services, infrastructures and API's, and as such “Interactive Video Hosting OTT” can not provide guarantees of availability or functionality at all times. 
Many factors define the success of a sales video, interactive video hosting is only one of them. Therefore: 
“Interactive Video Hosting OTT” does not guarantee any specific business benefits.
The Customer shall provide “Interactive Video Hosting OTT” with all necessary co-operation in relation to this agreement, and all information necessary to render service(s). 
Members shall comply with all applicable laws such as the copyright law and shall obtain all necessary licenses, consent(s), and all permissions necessary prior to publishing. 
Members shall not provide third-parties (such as video production companies or marketing agencies) access to the Interactive Video Hosting platform,  or membership plan. 

All members are legally responsible for all activities that may occur under the member's account without exception
Members shall not store, distribute or transmit any virus(s) o malware into or via the video hosting platform.
Each member warrants and represents that he/she has all required rights, power, and authority to enter into this agreement.  The member warrants to have all the rights, licenses, permits, approvals, and clearance of third party rights as required by the laws and as are necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement. 

Member's data and/or customer materials, and its use on the video hosting platform will not, infringe the statutory, common law, or intellectual property rights or any other right, title, or interest, of any third party, and the same shall not, nor shall it otherwise use the platform or services in a way that could be unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, infringing, discriminatory, hateful, abusive, harassing or racially or ethnically offensive, facilitate illegal activity, promote unlawful violence, or be in breach of any confidentiality.

We offer a month-to-month membership. Therefore all fees are non-refundable. 
The Fees may be changed by switching to a different membership plan.  
All sums payable under this agreement are exclusive of VAT fees which will be payable in addition to the sum in question at the rate and in the manner prevailing at the relevant tax point.
Fees are payable at the beginning of the membership
If you authorize payment of the fees by credit or payment card, the fees will be paid in advance and collected using your authorized payment method.
AUTO-RENEWAL: Unless you cancel your subscription before your renewal date, you silently authorize us to charge your next membership period fee to your authorized payment method.  You authorize us to continue billing the payment method until termination or cancellation.
If a payment is not successfully taken, due to card expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and the member does not change the payment method and re-submit payment by the end of the last fully paid subscription period, we will suspend the member's access to the services within 15 days. 
Members remain responsible for any uncollected amounts.
If any sums due under this agreement are not paid when due “Interactive Video Hosting OTT” will not charge interest in respect of those sums.  But if there is no attempt to pay for the video hosting service within a reasonable time frame, we will be forced to suspend the member's access to the video hosting platform and services such as providing the video embed code and share the link.


“Agreement” means the terms and conditions listed below, together with all the recitals, clauses, schedules, annexes, and all other documents referred to herein;

"Authorised Users" means the Customer and/or those employees, agents, and contractors of the Customer who are authorized (and listed) by the Customer to use the Services.

“Customer” Means the company or other legal person or entity identified on the order form or registration page.

“Customer Data” means all information, data, content, or other materials uploaded or processed using the platform by the customer, or by its authorized users, or otherwise on its behalf, including from any outside customer system, including remarks and/or posts and reviews posted by the general public.

“Customer Materials” means all materials, video, text, pictures, images, sound, graphics, data, information, logos, or other materials supplied by the customer (or viewer(s) in whatever form and/or used in connection with the creation of customer’s videos and/or the customer's clients material that is uploaded.

“Customer desktop” Means the customer's membership page with the order form;  You simply upload your material and we make it active.”

"Chapter Video Clip” One short video clip focusing on a specific subject without a proper beginning or ending. A chapter video clip is a part of a full video project.

“Customer's Video” Any video uploaded onto the video hosting platform by the customer / authorized employee or agent.

“Video Editing” Means the process of making videos interactive by placing hotspots, interaction layers, over-lays for email capturing, multiple-choice 

over-layers, and add-to-cart buttons.

“Fees” means the money paid in exchange for the monthly membership or the services of editing as specified in the order form.

“Video Project” One customer video or several different video chapter clips made interactive and resulting in one embed code and appears as one video.

“Video Hosting” Means a hosting service to facilitate video storage and playback of the customer video or customer's video projects.

 “Interaction Tools” Means link buttons for chapters or content control, add-to-cart buttons, or email pop-ups with coupon codes.


"Intellectual Property Rights" Means all intellectual property rights, how-so-ever arising and in what-ever media, whether or not registered or capable of registration, including copyright, database rights, confidential information, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, design rights, moral rights, business names, domain names, and other similar rights, and any applications for the protection or registration of these rights and all renewals and extensions thereof through-out the world, without an end date.

“Laws” Means any applicable legislation, regulation, by-law, ordinance, subordinate legislation, code of practice, published guidance, and other requirements of any relevant government or governmental agency globally.

“Licensed Items” Means APIs, made available by “Interactive Video Hosting OTT” and “ Video Suits” to enable the customers' system to interact with the entire video hosting platform and provide the off-platform functionality such as interactive layer(s), hotspots, and overlays for email capturing. Video players that are made available to be displayed video projects on customers / or customer's clients website(s) and /or all social media networks and platforms.

“Order Form” Means the specific order of video editing.

“Video Editing Suite” Means the software platform making these services available.

“Video Hosting Platform Services" Means the service of video hosting and the service of video editing.

“Membership Period” Means the relevant time frame between the first payment and the 30th day after the payment.

“Membership Start Date” Means the relevant date of payment 

“Term” Means the Terms of the Agreement

“Third Party Items” Means third party hardware, software, services, content, assets, or other third-party materials, items, or rights licensed to “Interactive Video Hosting OTT”.

“Virus” Means any “back door”, “trojan horse”, “time bomb”, “worm”, “drop dead device”, “virus” or other software intended or designed, or having the effect, to disable, erase, corrupt, destroy or otherwise damage or interfere with, or provided unauthorised access to, computer systems or any software stored on those computer systems.

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