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Interactive Videos you should consider
for your upcoming marketing campaigns.


interactive video shopping

a video product presentation

for eCommerce B2C

Create a real-life shopping experience,

with an online video sales representative.


interactive video

product presentation B2B


The perfect support for your sales representatives!

The video could be sent as an email to retail stores, supermarket chains, and wholesale markets.


interactive branded entertainment 


video content of your brand and products

broadcast on your social media channel to create an emotional understanding


interactive corporate video or 

about-us video


to draw an overall image and understanding of your company


interactive display video


in-store advertisement to get shoppers' attention or for a promo booth in shopping malls, B2C, or at trade shows B2B


how-to videos and videos

to answer FAQ

embedded in your support or help page to create a real-life shopping experience, build better customer relations, and for SEO purposes.


job recruitment videos

Find the most qualified employees for your company.


video testimonials

to create credibility


Interactive B2B videos

For example, a video to find partners for future projects, find new suppliers, or investors with the help of videos.


videos in multiple languages

Sell your products worldwide and break through language barriers.


interactive video quiz

create engagement and

build better customer relationships

with giveaways - video coupons


video ads or commercials

to create brand awareness and

 perception of your brand 


3-D walk-through tour

Very important for search engine optimization on Google maps

How to start with video marketing.

Video Marketing, how and where to start! - 4k - 4K
Play Video

Tips on how to create video content for your
website and social media channels!

This interactive video software is a great video hosting solution for your linear and your interactive video content.

We can also assist you by creating a strategic video concept.




Facts you should know about branded entertainment:

Branded entertainment creates an emotional understanding of the advertised product by affecting the implicit/emotional mind. Branded entertainment tells the viewer how to feel about a product and increases the perception of value and the necessity of owning a product. The production of branded entertainment requires a higher production budget and it does have a longer ROI time period but there is no better marketing video to create a story about your products and as you know without a story a product is just another product.

Facts you should know about video production costs:

In today's eCommerce-driven business world having an online video presence is critically and important but having just any cell phone video online could do more harm than good. The average cost of video production has dropped tremendously. Therefore please consider either hiring a video production company or building an in-house video department.

hand3D video shopping discount.png

Tips on how to create ads for social media or television!

We basically have two different conceptional categories.

Brand Identity:

creates an emotional understanding and tells the viewer how to feel about the product. mostly storytelling and music-driven

Product Marketing:

affects viewers rational understanding and tells them what the product is about. Explaining the benefits, or how to achieve a task faster with the product, maybe to introduce new product features, and most common is the promotion of discounts and special offers

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